F. Bin Muhaya

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This paper presents a state-of-the-art overview of distinguishable approaches, overview of some writings that have themes and a similar discussion, with the background to provide an overview to the readers of control and things related to multimedia information security, all attempting to define multimedia information security architecture, followed by a(More)
— For objects stored in long-term digital archives, checking the integrity of the information stored is a prime necessity in the field of secure storage systems. Objects in a digital archive may include documents, images, databases, …, etc. In a long-term archive those objects could be transferred in many various ways. In many cases, users are required to(More)
Multimedia content dissemination is a complex problem because of the multitude of policy types that providers may wish to associate with their content. There have been quite a few efforts at defining security policies and models which can cater to these types of requirements. Usage control models are the new breed of access control models that allow(More)
Mobile learning (m-learning) can be considered as an intersection of e-learning and mobile computing. From the perspective of m-learning, it is important to deliver dynamic instant learning content in an efficient way anytime and anywhere. An m-learning system should present optimal personalized content to the mobile user and encourage collaborative(More)
In order to extract knowledge from the growing information available over the Internet, it is imperative that we classify the information first. Classification is a vastly researched topic in the field of data mining and text data, representing a significant portion of the information, naturally has acquired significant research interest. However, text data(More)
The security of multimedia systems is becoming extremely important nowadays. The huge growth of multimedia information, in different format with the rise of technology, and services influences the lifestyle of an individual and industry. Despite of recent progress in multimedia information security, accessing the information and online services require(More)
In this paper we propose a lip reading recognition technique designed to be a part of a surveillance system and will be used for physical security. The proposed technique would be used for security issues using motion estimation analysis, applying a new five step search block matching algorithm.. The proposed technique is characterized by high speed(More)
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