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Monoclonal antibodies demonstrated high conservation during evolution of a prosomal protein of M(r) 27,000 and differentiation--specific expression of the epitope. More than 90% of the reacting antigen was found as a p27K protein in the free messenger ribonucleoprotein (mRNP) fraction but another protein of M(r) 38,000, which shared protease fingerprint(More)
Prosomes were first described as being mRNA-associated RNP (ribonucleoprotein) particles and subcomponents of repressed mRNPs (messenger ribonucleoprotein). We show here that prosomes isolated from translationally inactive mRNP have a protease activity identical to that described by others for the multicatalytic proteinase complex (MCP, 'proteasome'). By(More)
Screening of a lambda gt11 cDNA expression library of the HeLa cell genome with a monoclonal antibody that specifically recognizes prosomal 30-33-kDa proteins, allowed isolation of a 1264-nucleotide (nt) recombinant cDNA containing a 327-nt untranslated 5'-end. The amino acid (aa) sequence deduced from this cDNA revealed a protein of 269 aa (M(r) of 30,227)(More)
Prosomes are ribonucleoprotein particles constituted by a variable set of about 20 proteins found associated with untranslated mRNA. In addition, they contain a small RNA, the presence of which has been an issue of controversy for a long time. The intact particles have a multicatalytic proteinase (MCP) activity and are very stable; we have never observed(More)
Proteasomes (multi-protease complexes) are composed of approximately 15 non-identical subunits of similar sizes (molecular weight = 21-32 kDa), but different charges (isoelectric point = 4-9). Previously, we deduced the primary structures of 6 subunits of rat proteasomes by recombinant DNA techniques. In this paper we report the nucleotide sequences of 4(More)
In duck erythroblasts, two major populations of untranslated messenger (m) RNP can be separated by sucrose gradient centrifugation in low ionic strength. One of these contains globin mRNA associated to protein factors, among them the prosomes. The other, sedimenting in the 35S zone, contains non-globin mRNA. From this '35S' mRNP, a new RNP particle called(More)
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