F. Betül Durak

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The security of order-revealing encryption (ORE) has been unclear since its invention. Dataset characteristics for which ORE is especially insecure have been identified, such as small message spaces and low-entropy distributions. On the other hand, properties like one-wayness on uniformly-distributed datasets have been proved for ORE constructions. This(More)
The notion of circular security of pseudorandom functions (PRF) was introduced in Distance Bounding Protocols. So far, only a construction based on a random oracle model was proposed. Circular security stands between two new notions which we call Key Dependent Feedback (KDF) security and Leak security. So far, only a construction based on a random oracle(More)
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently published a Format-Preserving Encryption standard accepting two Feistel structure based schemes called FF1 and FF3. Particularly, FF3 is a tweakable block cipher based on an 8-round Feistel network. In CCS ̃2016, Bellare et. al. gave an attack to break FF3 (and FF1) with time and data(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to determine the prevalence and type of the intestinal parasites in healthy, cancer and survivor children after cancer therapy, and to evaluate whether there are any differences in incidence and types of parasites during their neutropenic period. METHODS Three different patient groups were formed. Group I and Group II were immune(More)
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