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A balance study was conducted to determine the minimum requirement for manganese (Mn) and to examine the effects of Mn depletion. Seven male subjects, age 19-22, were fed a Mn-adequate diet of conventional foods (2.59 mg Mn/d, 135 mg cholesterol, and P:S ratio of 0.86) for 3 wk to establish base-line data. Then a purified diet containing 0.11 mg Mn/d was(More)
Five healthy men, ages 19-20, were fed a diet for 105 d to measure manganese balance during consumption of conventional foods. The study was divided into five periods of 21, 21, 38, 11 and 14 d, in which the daily dietary intakes of manganese (Mn) were 2.89, 2.06, 1.21, 3.79 and 2.65 mg, respectively. During the last 7 d of each dietary period, subjects(More)
Normal concentrations of trace elements in parotid saliva, supernatant- and sediment-mixed saliva, plasma, and hair were determined in 278 healthy adults grouped as young (18-29 y), middle-aged (30-64 y), and elderly (65-93 y). Age-related increases (p less than 0.05) were observed in concentrations of zinc in the supernatant of mixed saliva and parotid(More)
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