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Between 1982 and 1993 we performed internal fixation or resection in 95 adult patients for radial head fracture. It was possible to follow up 68 patients for an average of 2.1 years. In 53 cases the initial injury was an isolated radial head fracture, which was treated by internal fixation in 41 and resection in 12 cases. Good results were obtained in 80%(More)
The functional and anatomical consideration of the shoulder joint in relation to the clinical aspects can differentiate the general term of "scapulohumeral periarthritis". The most frequently pathological findings are seen in the rotary cuff and the long head of the biceps muscle. Significant causes are further arthrosis of the acromioclavicular joint, the(More)
Surgical treatment of 39 cases of advanced (exulcerated) mammary carcinoma in stages III b and IV is reported in this paper. Rotter-Halsted operations were performed on 13 patients, while simple or modified radical mastectomy was applied to 26. Thoraco-epigastric flaps had to be used for plastic coverage of larger soft tissue defects in the thoracic wall in(More)
Stabilisation of pelvic ring fractures by means of external fixation has been found to provide certain advantages over internal fixation. Good results can be achieved, provided that optimum forms and techniques of assembly are used. The authors' indications are reported together with their assembly techniques and forms. The clinical results reported are(More)
The increasing participation in extensive athletics and leisure time activities correlates with increasing sport injuries. The surgeons tasks include being involved in preventing sport injuries and ensuring a correct diagnosis, as well as providing adequate surgical therapy. After sport injuries, the true diagnosis can be obscured by functional(More)
The haemorrhage tolerance in 31 with morphine-urethane solution narcotized rabbits were proved. By locale application of epinephrine at the carotid sinus in 19 rabbits the depressor afferent C-fibres were activated. The efferent sympathetic nerve activity of the kidney was clear decreased before and during the haemorrhage. The maximum of the cardiac(More)