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The main contribution of this work consists in showing the possibility to use the Cyclotene 4026-46 BCB (BenzoCycloButen) resin in thick layer to realize Deep Trench Termination (DT<sup>2</sup>). The development of the DT<sup>2</sup> in power devices strongly depends on its reliability. 2D finite elements simulations were used to determinate the electrical(More)
This work presents a methodology using mixed-mode simulation with TCAD Sentaurus to model, analyze, and optimize the representation of the Deep Trench Termination Diode (DT<sup>2</sup>) without increasing the number of nodes and the computation time. Moreover, several convergence problems which can be found for many kinds of simulations have been resolved.
In this chapter, the authors propose an approach for generating domain ontologies from LMF standardized dictionaries (ISO-24613). It consists, firstly, of deriving the target ontology core systematically from the explicit information of the LMF dictionary structure. Secondly, it aims at enriching such a core, taking advantage of textual sources with guided(More)
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