F. B. Kroes

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In order to increase the duty factor (d.f.) of the present 500 MeV electron linac from 2.5 % to > 90 %, it is proposed to add a pulse stretcher to the facility. By replacing 4 of the 12 existing 4 MW klystrons by 25 MW types, the injection energy will be increased to E = 700 MeV. A peak current of 40 mA will be injected during three turns with 365 pps. to(More)
AmPS (Amsterdam pulse stretcher) is a 900-MeV electron stretcher and storage ring. To compensate for the synchrotron radiation losses and to control the injection and extraction process in the ring a continuous-wave (CW) RF source will be installed. The source will operate at 2856 MHz. This frequency has been chosen to ensure optimal beam capture of the(More)
The AmPS (Amsterdam Pulse Stretcher) is a 900-MeV electron storage and stretcher ring. Its construction started early 1991. A fast-response, high-resolution stripline-type beam position monitor has been developed for the ring. The monitor has a quasi-elliptic cross section. Its sensing strips have a length of lambda /4; the operating frequency is 2856 MHz.(More)
early 1981 a fully grown scientific program has developped using beams with an energy ranging from 20 to 120 MeV in the 140 MeV substation (for radio-chemistry and low-energy POWER kly_ electron scattering over 1800) and from 70 to SUPPLY tro 400 MeV in the high energy stations for 1000VDC electron scattering and physics with pion and muon beams. A brief(More)
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