F B Kase

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In a previous study, it was shown that the peroxisomal fraction of rat liver, isolated by Percoll gradient centrifugation of a light mitochondrial fraction, was able to catalyze conversion of 3 alpha, 7 alpha, 12 alpha-trihydroxy-5 beta-cholestanoic acid (THCA) into cholic acid (Pedersen, J. I., and J. Gustafsson, 1980. FEBS Lett. 121: 345-348). In the(More)
1. Basic haematological values in 34 animals of eight carnivorous species are reported. 2. In four Northern lynxs (Lynx lynx lynx), two male and two female animals, the mean values are given: erythrocyte counts 8.51 X 10(12)/l, haematocrit 0.392/l, haemoglobin content 148.0 g/l and leukocyte count 7.92 X 10(9)/l. 3. In six male pumas (Puma concolor(More)
1. Basic haematological values in 165 Cameroon goats (Capra hircus) are reported. 2. The erythrocyte count, mean 14.36 x 10(12) l-1, ranged from 8.24 to 24.7 x 10(12) l-1; the haematocrit values, mean 0.304, varied from 0.20 to 0.38; the haemoglobin content, mean 113.4 g/l, was in the range from 83.0 to 143.0 g/l and the leukocyte count, mean 13.67 x 10(9)(More)
Comparison of mean erythrocyte counts, mean haematocrit values, mean haemoglobin content and mean corpuscular volume of the red cell is presented for 21 species of antelopes (four species being excluded because of the small number of animals investigated). A direct relationship of haematocrit values and haemoglobin content and an inverse relationship of red(More)
Recent findings of thromboplastin (TRPL) investigations are presented in a brief survey. After enumerating the possibilities of separating this lipoprotein into two shares, the chemical characterization of protein and lipid fraction is represented, the possibilities and conditions of recombining both shares are mentioned and the effectiveness of TRPL in the(More)
In a clinical study lasting 15 months 42 patients suffering from herpes simplex were locally treated with an interferonlike substance prepared on avian fibroblast cultures. In 90% of all cases a certain improvement was achieved. In 60% reduced intensity and in 57% a shortening of prodromal symptoms was established, reduced dimensions of skin lesions were(More)