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This paper presents a discrete wavelet transform approach to recognize disturbances by the analysis of electromagnetic transients in transmission lines using oscillographic data. It is usual that different types of disturbances simultaneously exist in an oscillographic record supplied by a monitoring device in a transmission line. However, most of the(More)
This paper presents a wavelet-based method for real-time detection of voltage sags in transmission lines. The wavelet coefficient energies of the phase voltages and currents are used for real-time detection of the transients at both beginning and end times of voltage sags. On the other hand, the voltage sags are identified in real-time by means of the(More)
The application of Haar wavelet transform for fault classification in transmission lines is proposed. The faulted phases identification is carried out by the analysis of the energy of the detail coefficients of the phase currents. In addition, by the analysis of the smooth coefficients of the neutral current, the ground faults can be distinguished from(More)
Microneurography is a technique in which electrodes are inserted percutaneously into peripheral nerves in humans for recording of single or multi-unit action potentials. The integrated muscle sympathetic nerve activity (IMSNA) are used to study the neural control of autonomic nervous system. In this research, we developed the automated IMSNA detection(More)
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