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Synaptic release was simulated using a Simulink sequential storage model with three vesicular pools. Modeling was modular and easily extendable to the systems with greater number of vesicular pools, parallel input, or time-varying parameters. Given an input (short or long tetanic trains, patterned or random stimulation) and the storage model, the vesicular(More)
To expand the potential of pseudopterosins and seco-pseudopterosins isolated from the octocoral Pseudopterogorgia elisabethae of San Andrés and Providencia islands (southwest Caribbean Sea), we report the anti-microbial profile against four pathogenic microorganisms (Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecalis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Candida albicans)(More)
Tracking spectral changes of rapidly varying signals is a demanding task. In this study, we explore on Monte Carlo-simulated glutamate-activated AMPA patch and synaptic currents whether a wavelet analysis offers such a possibility. Unlike Fourier methods that determine only the frequency content of a signal, the wavelet analysis determines both the(More)
Chronic periodontitis is a multifactorial infectious disease associated with Gram-negative anaerobes which are part of the subgingival microflora. In recent years, studies have been conducted to assess the presence of Gram-negative facultative anaerobes (Enterobacte-riaceae) and their participation in the development and progression of chronic(More)
Activation of Geminivirus V-sense promoters in roots is restricted to nematode feeding sites. detected in restored plasma DNA from Colombian women diagnosed with pre-invasive lesions and invasive cervical cáncer. Activation of Geminivirus V-sense promoters in roots is restricted to nematode feeding sites. preferential solvation of indomethacin in(More)
The basic building block of synaptic transmission-the number of molecules released per vesicle (quantal size (QS)) often changes with stimulation, but there is no agreement about what factors regulate it. To throw more light on this problem spontaneous quantal release was recorded amperometrically in PC-12 cells. Amperometric current spikes, representing(More)
We assessed on Monte-Carlo simulated excitatory post-synaptic currents the ability of autoregressive (AR)-model fitting to evaluate their fluctuations. AR-model fitting consists of a linear filter describing the process that generates the fluctuations when driven with a white noise. Its fluctuations provide a filtered version of the signal and have a(More)
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