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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Some investigators have proposed that either calculated diffusion trace images or apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) maps, which require imaging with multiple diffusion sensitivities and/or postacquisition image processing, are essential for the accurate interpretation of diffusion-weighted images in acute stroke because of the(More)
Families and cultivars derived from three breeding strategies [the conventional 4x-4x (intra-Tuberosum), the interploid 4x (Tub)-2x (Phureja-haploid Tub), and 4x (Tub)-4x (diplandrous tetraploid-DTO)] were evaluated under short-day conditions in Brazil. Two 4x-4x (intra-Tub) cultivars (`Bintje' and `Delta') were used as standards. The 4x-2x (FDR) and 4x-4x(More)
Methods The unit analysis was a person-regimen of 2 NRTI (NNRTI, PI/r) lasting ]90 days. Adherence was measured by the proportion of days covered using pharmacy refill data. The Wilcoxon rank-sum test was used to compare CNA, PNA and total non-adherence (TNA) in the following groups: STR vs its components (EFV TDF/FTC) and non-FDC vs FDC vs STR. The level(More)
Methods Time to regimen switch (discontinuing at least one ARV) due to VF (two consecutive viral loads >50 cps/ml after viral suppression or 6-months unreached viral suppression), time to regimen switch due to any other reason and time to resistance development were calculated using survival analysis. Log-rank test for equality of survivor functions was(More)
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