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Data retrieval and its integration is one of the major problems that face large and complex health organizations. This is especially relevant when patient information is produced in heterogeneous environments. Implementing a Virtual Electronic Patient Record (VEPR) system may provide an adequate and cost-effective solution for most clinical information(More)
This paper aimed to evaluate the improvement of burn wounds healing by sodium alginate/chitosan-based films and laser therapy. Natural polymers with different biological activities are widely used as film dressings to improve wound healing. Lasers arrays accelerate the healing repair of soft tissue injuries. Burn procedures were performed on the backs of 60(More)
Some patients are no longer able to communicate effectively or even interact with the outside world in ways that most of us take for granted. In the most severe cases, tetraplegic or post-stroke patients are literally 'locked in' their bodies, unable to exert any motor control after, for example, a spinal cord injury or a brainstem stroke, requiring(More)
Semicarbazones induce an anticonvulsant effect in different experimental models. As some anticonvulsant drugs also have anti-inflammatory activity, the effects of benzaldehyde semicarbazone (BS) on models of nociception, edema and angiogenesis were investigated. BS (10, 25 or 50 mg/kg, i.p.) markedly inhibited the second phase of nociceptive response(More)
This study investigated the effects of bromazepam on qEEG when 14 healthy subjects were asked to perform a visuomotor task (i.e., motor vehicle driving task). The subjects were exposed to two experimental conditions: the placebo (PL) and 6 mg of bromazepam (Br 6 mg), following a randomized, double-blind design on different days. Specifically, we observe(More)
Many characteristics of a product are evaluated during the development phase, such as function, aesthetics and manufacturing. The conception phase is supported by drawings and computer graphics, followed by physical prototypes that help evaluating the product features. The augmented reality technology has a great potential to assist the designers in this(More)
Coarse particulate organic matter (CPOM) inputs from riparian vegetation into streams and CPOM benthic stock vary naturally in space and time, but most studies in the tropical savannah (Cerrado) have been done over a small temporal scale (<1 year), which does not allow for the determination of inter-annual patterns. We found that CPOM collected over two(More)
The present study investigates the influence of bromazepam while executing a motor task. Specifically, we intend to analyze the changes in alpha absolute power under two experimental conditions, bromazepam and placebo. We also included analyses of theta and beta frequencies. We collected electroencephalographic data before, during, and after motor task(More)
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