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When executing scientific applications, resources that may be used can vary from multi-core processors to grids. Therefore, abstracting the programming model enables portability on various resource infrastructures. Furthermore, software component technology appears to be a very promising approach to deal with the growing complexity of scientific(More)
To efficiently program massively parallel systems we propose to use a form of parallelism known as data parallelism along with a SPMD programming model. We describe how a sequential Object Oriented Language (OOL) can embed data parallelism in a clean and elegant fashion—without language extensions— to exploit the potential power of massively(More)
The project KENSUR aiming in breaking down a compiler into a set of concurrent processes and in having them executed onto a network of processors is currently developed at I.R.I.S.A. This paper discusses three main aspects of the construction of this network. i) The various steps involved in the design of such a distributed system are described and the(More)
The construction of large programs such as compilers involves the management of numerous and complex data structures. Much of the care required for the correct organization of these data structures may be avoided by structuring programs as a set of cooperating processes, the cooperation between processes being expressed by appropriate control structures.(More)
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