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Constant-pressure, first-principles molecular dynamic simulations were used to investigate the behavior of methane at high pressure and temperature. Contrary to the current interpretation of shock-wave experiments, the simulations suggest that, below 100 gigapascals, methane dissociates into a mixture of hydrocarbons, and it separates into hydrogen and(More)
We have investigated, by means of density functional theory, the structure of a "scolium", that is, an electron circulating around a positively charged 4He nanodroplet, temporarily prevented from neutralization by the helium-electron repulsion. The positive ion core resides in the center of the nanodroplet where, as a consequence of electrostriction, a(More)
Using density functional and Monte Carlo methods, we have studied the properties of Ne adsorbed on a Cs surface, focusing on the region at and near saturated vapor pressure (SVP). In the case of Ne/Rb, the experimental data of Hess, Sabatini, and Chan are consistent with the calculations based on an ab initio fluid-substrate potential, while in the Ne/Cs(More)
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