F. Alsaade

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This paper presents and details the investigations into the effectiveness of various score level fusion approaches in both multi-sample and multimodal biometric systems. Experimental investigations are conducted using face and speech modalities. The scores for face and voice biometrics are based on the use of different features extracted from the XM2VTS(More)
Various fusion techniques have been widely used in combining separate information from different modalities to provide complementary data. The main aim of this paper is to present investigations for enhancing the accuracy of multimodal biometrics through the introduction of appropriate fusion method combination. The effectiveness of the proposed method is(More)
Arabic characters illustrate intricate, multidimensional and cursive visual information. Developing a machine learning system for Arabic character recognition is an exciting research. This paper addresses a neural computing concept for Arabic Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The method is based on local image sampling of each character to a selected(More)
This paper presents two optimal fusion techniques using reliability and separability measures for a multibiometric system, employing fingerprints and voice. In the first method, reliabilities of fingerprint and voice modalities are measured and the integration weights are computed as the ratio of these two reliabilities. The computed reliability ratio is(More)
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