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Today it is known that the weakest link in the cyber security chain is the computer user. Social engineering attacks are commonly used to deceive computer users to perform actions that could leak private information. Such attacks psychologically manipulate the computer users to reveal his/her confidential information. Therefore, the computer user has been(More)
Optical networks consist of switches that are connected using fiber optics links. Each link consists of a set of wavelengths and each wavelength can be used by one or more users to transmit information between two switches. In order to establish a connection between the source and destination nodes, a set of switches and links must be efficiently selected.(More)
This paper describes the design of an RFID kids tracking system. It is designed to track a moving child in a wide area, such as a park or mall, using RFID technology. The proposed system has hardware and software components. The hardware architecture consists of an RFID active tag, RFID tag reader, Web server and database server. The Web server and database(More)
PolluMap is a new automated system that monitors the air quality of urban cities and displays the information using a Web service. The system collects pollution data using mobile hardware modules, transmits the data regularly using GPRS to a back-end server, and integrates the data to generate a pollution map of the city using its geographical information(More)
The employee timetabling problem (ETP) is concerned with assigning a number of employees into a given set of shifts over a fixed period of time, e.g. a week, while meeting the employee's preferences and organizational work regulations. The problem also attempts to optimize the performance criteria and distribute the shifts equally among the employees. The(More)
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