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A one-dimensional time-dependent model of the active magnetic regenerative refrigeration (AMRR) cycle is developed and is validated by experimental measurements. It is based on the convection exchange between a layer of fluid and a thin plate of magnetocaloric effect material. It takes into effect the magnetocaloric properties of the material. This model is(More)
In this paper, a permanent magnet based device for active magnetic regenerative refrigeration was described. Magnetic regenerative refrigeration is based on giant magnetocaloric effect. The active block of the refrigeration is a cylinder made of stacked gadolinium sheets and equipped with thermocouples.
Electromagnetic relay modeling is elaborated using a magnetic equivalent circuit (MEC). The lumped parameters of the MEC are fitted with respect to 3-D finite-element simulation by using classical optimization algorithms. An accurate dynamic material law has to be taken into account in the modeling, considering the massive core of the circuit. Two accurate(More)
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