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Hemibody movements are strongly considered as being under the control of the contralateral hemisphere of the cerebral cortex. However, some neuroimaging studies have found a bilateral activation of either the primary sensori-motor (SM1) areas or the rostral prefrontal cortex (PFC), during unimanual tasks. More than just bilateral, the activation of these(More)
BACKGROUND Few studies have looked at risk factors for asthma in African children. We aimed to identify the risk factors associated with childhood asthma in Maputo (Mozambique). METHODS This case-control study included 199 age-matched children (100 asthmatic and 99 nonasthmatic) who attended Maputo Central Hospital between January 1999 and July 2000. We(More)
Assessment of lipid profile parameters has been considered a cornerstone in classifying individuals and populations at risk for cardiovascular disease. Recently, however, preliminary data have raised the possibility of seasonal variations in these parameters, which may cause under- or overestimation. Biological rhythms and seasonal variation of lipid(More)
Thirty-five children in whom hypothyroidism was detected at birth were studied with respect to psychomotor development. A 5 year-follow-up was obtained in a few cases. The I.Q. was established using Brunet-Lezine's test or Griffith's test after age 30 months. Global quotients where normal: 98 + 10 at 6 months, 96 + 7 at 1 year, 99 + 7 at 3 years, 97 + 7 at(More)
Laparoscopic treatment of urinary stress incontinence and urogenital prolapse is a recent development. We describe the progress of the ideas and techniques, in this field. However, the literature lacks prospective randomized studies with sufficient follow up. So there is a need for these techniques, which seem attractive at first glance, to be fully(More)
Asthma is increasing in frequency worldwide. The education of affected children and their parents is fundamental for the management of the disease. The aim of our study was to describe the knowledge, attitudes, and behavior of the parents of asthmatic children. We studied 152 adults accompanying asthmatic children to consultations in the pediatrics(More)
Neonatal screening of hypothyroidism started in 1975, and now sufficient hindsight is gained to assess school results in children with hypothyroidism and compare them to IQ tests. From the 85 cases of hypothyroidism detected in the Midi-Pyrénées area, 40 have enrolled in or finished primary school and 18 started secondary school. School achievement was(More)
Regardless of its effect on the concentrations of serum cholesterol, statins exert pleiotropic effects, including the regulation of endothelial function, reduced oxidative stress and inflammation, as well as a slight improvement in the concentrations of high density lipoprotein (HDL). However, its role on the composition of HDL is not yet established. The(More)
BACKGROUND Evidences suggest that paraoxonase 1 (PON1) confers important antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties when associated with high-density lipoprotein (HDL). OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationships between p.Q192R SNP of PON1, biochemical parameters and carotid atherosclerosis in an asymptomatic, normolipidemic Brazilian population sample.(More)