F Alexander Wolf

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The temporal order of differentiating cells is intrinsically encoded in their single-cell expression profiles. We describe an efficient way to robustly estimate this order according to diffusion pseudotime (DPT), which measures transitions between cells using diffusion-like random walks. Our DPT software implementations make it possible to reconstruct the(More)
We study the expansion of bosonic Mott insulators in the presence of an optical lattice after switching off a confining potential. We use the Gutzwiller mean-field approximation and consider two different setups. In the first one, the expansion is restricted to one direction. We show that this leads to the emergence of two condensates with well-defined(More)
18 Imaging flow cytometry combines the fluorescence sensitivity and high-throughput 19 capabilities of flow cytometry with single-cell imaging, and hence provides high-volume 20 data well-matched to the strengths of deep learning. We present DeepFlow, a data 21 analysis workflow for imaging flow cytometry that combines deep convolutional neural 22 networks(More)
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