F. Alberto Grünbaum

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Abstract. In the case of the heat equation ut = uxx + V u on the real line there are some remarkable potentials V for which the asymptotic expansion of the fundamental solution becomes a finite sum and gives an exact formula. We show that a similar phenomenon holds when one replaces the real line by the integers. In this case the second derivative is(More)
The classical (scalar valued) theory of spherical functions (put forward by Cartan and others after him) allows one to unify under one roof a number of examples that were very well known before the theory was formulated. These examples include many special functions like Jacobi polynomials, Bessel functions, Laguerre polynomials, Hermite polynomials,(More)
A method for reconstructing images from projections is described. The unique aspect of the procedure is that the reconstruction of the internal structure can be carried out for objects that diffuse the incident radiation. The method may be used with photons, phonons, neutrons, and many other kinds of radiation. The procedure has applications to medical(More)
A total of 788 clinical Enterobacteriaceae were collected to describe the aminoglycoside-modifying genes (AME genes) and to characterize the plasmids that carry these genes. Among the 788 strains collected, 330 (41.8%) were aminoglycoside-resistant: 264 Escherichia coli (80%), 33 Proteus mirabilis (10%), 10 Klebsiella pneumoniae (3%), six K. oxytoca (1.8%),(More)