F. Albert

M. Kamp1
J. Kasprzak1
S. Cubero1
1M. Kamp
1J. Kasprzak
1S. Cubero
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Controlled non-local energy and coherence transfer enables light harvesting in photosynthesis and non-local logical operations in quantum computing. This process is intuitively pictured by a pair of mechanical oscillators, coupled by a spring, allowing for a reversible exchange of excitation. On a microscopic level, the most relevant mechanism of coherent(More)
Enforced limb disuse strongly disrupts the cortical networks that are involved in sensorimotor activities. This disruption causes a cortical reorganization that may be functionally maladaptive. In this study, we used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to investigate whether it is possible to prevent this reorganization by compensating for the lack(More)
The mechanisation and automation of citrus harvesting is considered to be one of the best options to reduce production costs. Computer vision technology has been shown to be a useful tool for fresh fruit and vegetable inspection, and is currently used in post-harvest fruit and vegetable automated grading systems in packing houses. Although computer vision(More)
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