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The goal for the next generation of mobile communications system is to seamlessly integrate a wide variety of communication services such as high speed data, video and multimedia traffic as well as voice signals. The technology needed to tackle the challenges to make these services available is popularly known as the Third Generation (3G) Cellular Systems.(More)
Performance statistics of WLANs in published literatures are limited only to homogeneous traffic. However, mixed traffic scenario is prevailing in WLANs. This paper is an effort to characterize WLANs behaviour in transmitting mixed traffic. OPNET was used to simulate a typical WLANs scenario. It was found that tuning the CFP and superframe size dynamically(More)
Variation of superframe duration could be a promising way to improve the performance of a wireless local area network (WLAN) carrying interactive multimedia traffic. Most of the studies, however, looked into DCF-based performance improvements of WLAN taking delay and throughput as the performance metric for homogenous traffic. This study looks into the(More)
The configuration of WLAN MAC by means of Super Frame (SF) and Contention Free Period (CFP) variation is one of the effective schemes to provide appropriate QoS to interactive multimedia (IMM) traffic. In this paper we investigate the usefulness of a dynamic auto-generated parameter set of CFP and SF combinations as the logical look-up table for the WLAN(More)
Truly ad hoc networks where no prior knowledge of participants to each other creates difficulties in providing encryption key management services to the network members. If the network uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) then a Certificate Authority (CA) must be available at all times. Using threshold cryptography for the CA requires several members to act(More)
Introduction: Liver abscess is an important clinical problem in tropical regions of the world. Current assessment of liver abscesses should allow for better understanding of the aetiopathogenesis of the disease. This study was conducted to find the clinical pattern and aetiopathogenesis of liver abscess in patients admitted in Rajshahi Medical College(More)
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