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Four patients with leiomyoma of the upper or middle third of the oesophagus treated by surgical excision are reported. All operations were performed through a right thoracotomy with simple enucleation of the lesion. Two patients were asymptomatic. In one the tumour had a spiral configuration almost completely surrounding the lumen. No complications(More)
A 34-year-old man and a 71-year-old woman underwent radical removal of mediastinally sited chondrosarcoma, presumably originating in the periosteum of the vertebral body. The man (with mesenchymal chondrosarcoma) died of remote metastasis 6 years postoperatively. The woman (poorly differentiated chondrosarcoma, grade 2-3) is still alive 2 years after the(More)
Pyogenic abscess of the liver is viewed here as a surgical disease, which appears to raise doubts as to its actual identity. Though located in a given abdominal organ, such abscesses find it hard to recognize this as their exclusive setting and attempt to shrug off these traditional confines. They aspire, rightly or wrongly perhaps, to symbolize a(More)
The authors maintain the opportunity of a mechanical and chemotherapeutical preparation of colon for the surgical operation, and illustrate the methods thereof. They report their clinical experience about the preoperative and peroperative cleaning, and confirm the importance of decompressive transversostomy as a protection of colorectal anastomoses.
Two cases of Budd-Chiari's Syndrome are presented. These refer to two women aged 34 and 33 years respectively. The aetiology of the first case is linked to polycythaemia rubra and the use of oral contraceptives; that of the second case to a fibrous perihepatitis involving the outlet of the suprahepatic veins, with a tenacious action of stenosis. The(More)
The Authors show three cases of mediastinal seminoma, and discuss the epidemiologic, etiopathogenetic and clinical aspects of such neoplasms; they dwell upon the criteria allowing to define as primitive an extragonadal germinal tumour, and emphasize the importance of the multidisciplinary therapeutical approach in controlling these neoplasms, characterized(More)
A hepatic localised antiblastic chemotherapic technique combining limited discomfort for patients with appreciable palliative results is illustrated; a short description of the surgical procedure of intubation of the hepatic artery itself and of some auxiliary procedures is given. Lastly the possible complications and the results are illustrated.
A 44-year-old male affected by mesenchymoma of the mediastinum was treated surgically. The neoplasm, localized in the postero-inferior mediastinum with prevalent development to the left, was found to consist of adipose, leiomuscular and myxoid tissue. The patient was asymptomatic. Complete removal of the neoplasm proved possible, and one year after surgery(More)
On the basis of angiographic documentations the Authors report on 4 observations (3 men and 1 woman) of extrinsic compression of the coeliac trunk symptomatologically evidenced through abdominal pain attacks. All the patients were treated surgically by resection of the median arcuate ligament of the diaphragm. In one case distal pancreatic resection was(More)