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Here we tested the segregation and paternal compatibility of markers INRA124 and INRA126 on female DNA in 10 different cattle families, in order to clarify the usefulness of these microsatellites for the study of male-mediated population processes in cattle. Their performance was compared with that of four microsatellites located in the PAR-BTAY (UMN0108,(More)
Three genes, SRY, ANT3, and CSF2RA, were mapped to the bovine Y chromosome (BTAY) by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and/or radiation hybrid (RH) mapping. FISH analysis indicated that the bovine SRY gene maps to the distal region of BTAYq, while ANT3 and CSF2RA are located in the pseudoautosomal region (PAR) of BTAYp and BTAXq. RH mapping with a(More)
The human chromodomain protein, Y-like (CDYL) gene family consists of three members, one on the Y chromosome (CDY) and two on autosomes (CDYL and CDYL2). Studies in the human and mouse showed that genes in the CDYL family are abundantly expressed in testis and play an important role in spermatogenesis. In this study, we have characterized the bovine CDYL(More)
Radiation hybrid maps were constructed for river buffalo and cattle Y chromosomes. A total of 41 cattle-derived Y-chromosome molecular markers were selected and tested with 2 previously described 5,000-rad whole-genome radiation hybrid (RH) panels (river buffalo - BBURH(5000) and cattle - BTARH(5000)) for generation of maps. Among the initial 41 selected(More)
The separation of eddy current and hysteresis losses in transformer cores is obtained using the two-temperatures and the two-frequency methods. Loss calculations for six ratings using the voltage test waveform ratio are included to compare and analyze results. A brief description of the test methodologies, that are easy to apply, is given. An example of the(More)
In this paper, an intelligent distributed multi-agent system (MAS) is proposed for the implementation of a novel optimization technique for distributed voltage regulation. The proposed MAS approach controls a large heavily-meshed distribution network which is grouped into small subnetworks using ε decomposition. The voltage regulation is accomplished(More)
Agricultural management affects the movement of atrazine in soil and leaching to groundwater. The objective of this study was to determine atrazine adsorption in a soil after 20 years of atrazine application under agronomic management practices differing in tillage practice (conventional and zero tillage), residue management (with and without residue(More)
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