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We presented an agent-based e-learning environment. Our aim was to allow many users to interact collectively and intelligently with the environment. In this cooperation model, human users and artificial agents carry out tasks in the learners' service. We define the internal structure of our kernel supposed to work within Internet/Intranet settings. Design(More)
The recovery mechanism from transient fault in distributed systems has been intensively studied in the past, but to our best knowledge, none of these studies has been devoted to cope together with transient and permanent hard faults. Our study devoted to recovery processes in a distributed environment in case of hard faults like transient or permanent. The(More)
The recent emergence of component-based designs helps the design of systems daring the refinement step between algorithmic specifications and architecture specifications. Designers' attempts such as flexibility, cost constraints, high performance and time to market can thus be helpfully managed. However, the correct integration of the(More)
Designing component-based SoC (system on chip) has become a communication design problem. The reuse of intellectual property (IP) cores in multiprocessor SoC is facilitated by the concept of packaging and wrapping. In this paper, we present an approach to automate the integration process of hardware accelerators/coprocessors. This approach gives an(More)
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