F A Spagnolo

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Employing a vector-matrix method, the intensity of diffusely scattered light from a cone and paraboloid of revolution is calculated in the geometrical optics approximation. For the two quadric surfaces considered, different cases, determined principally by the direction of incident light and observer vectors, are examined. As a first approximation, multiple(More)
Three experiments involving different angular orientations of tactual shapes were performed. In experiment 1 subjects were timed as they made 'same-different' judgments about two successive rotated shapes. Results showed that no rotation effect is obtained, i.e., reaction times and error percentage do not increase linearly with rotation angle. The same(More)
Mixtures of aliphatic and aromatic "quats" can be qualitatively identified in a one step chromatographic run. After separation on a strong cation exchange column, the eluted components are detected using a UV and RI detector system in series. The quaternaries present in organoclays (e.g., BENTONE type products) can also be identified by prior destruction of(More)
Employing geometrical optics, an expression for the diffuse reflection of light from an elliptic cylinder of finite length has been obtained as the sum of three elliptic integrals. The solution can be shown to reduce to the correct form obtained earlier for a cylinder of circular cross section. Shadowing effects are included in an analysis of the proper(More)
A rapid infrared reflectance method for evaluating the germicidal potency of synthetic materials containing various amounts of two chlorinated bactericides was developed. The dimeric product 2,2'-methylenebis (4,6-dichlorophenol) exhibited a characteristic C=C skeletal inplane stretching infrared absorption band at 1,640 cm(-1). The monomeric(More)
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