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This paper considers the problems of finding measurements for the two major principles of primary health care (PHC), equity and participation. Although both are of equal importance, the authors concentrate on the assessment of participation. A methodology is put forward to define indicators for participation in health care programmes as how wide(More)
One of the reasons provided for the shift away from an ontology for physical reality of material objects & properties towards one of physical structures & relations (Ontological Structural Realism: OntSR) is that the quantum-mechanical description of composite physical systems of similar elementary particles entails they are indiscernible. As material(More)
We extend the quantum-mechanical results of Muller & Saunders (2008) establishing the weak discernibility of an arbitrary number of similar fermions in finite-dimensional Hilbert-spaces in two ways: (a) from fermions to bosons for all finite-dimensional Hilbert-spaces; and (b) from finite-dimensional to infinite-dimensional Hilbert-spaces for all elementary(More)
Once Hilbert asserted that the axioms of a theory 'define' the primitive concepts of its language 'implicitly'. Thus when someone inquires about the meaning of the set-concept, the standard response reads that axiomatic set-theory defines it implicitly and that is the end of it. But can we explain this assertion in a manner that meets minimum standards of(More)
The so-called Regiotaxi costs about € 5,00 per person per ride. You can call them up to 1 hour before your arrival at the taxi stand before Amersfoort station (tel. 0900-1122 445), or wait in front of the station: taxi's will arrive there frequently, but expect to wait at the stand 15–30 minutes. For return to the station, please ask at the desk of the(More)
To respond to increasing demand resulting from population aging, a geriatric intervention team was created at the Ambroise-Paré hospital in February 2004. The main activity of the team is to improve medical and social care of elderly patients who are regularly frail with multiple morbid conditions and taking multiple medications. During the first year of(More)
In this journal, D. Rizza [2010: 176] expounded a solution of what he called " the indiscernibility problem for ante rem structuralism " , which is the problem to make sense of the presence, in structures, of objects that are indiscernible yet distinct, by only appealing to what that structure provides. We argue that Rizza's solution is circular and expound(More)
And in fact there is no reason except prejudice, so far as I can discover, for denying the reality of relations. Abstract. We demonstrate that the quantum-mechanical description of composite physical systems of an arbitrary number of similar fermions in all their admissible states, mixed or pure, for all finite-dimensional Hilbert-spaces, is not in conflict(More)