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Various biotinylated lectins were used to characterize and semiquantitate glycoconjugate residues in the tubotympanum. Epithelial goblet cells were stained predominantly by WGA, LFA, SNA, RCA-I, Con-A, LCA, SBA, PHA-E, and UEA; this finding suggests they contain alpha-neuraminic acid, beta-galactose, alpha-mannose, N-acetyl alpha-galactosamine, and(More)
It has been demonstrated that the eustachian tube and middle ear epithelium produce Tubal Surface Active Substances (TSAS), which facilitate the opening of the eustachian tube. In order to characterize the biochemical contents of chinchilla TSAS, the tubal washings were analyzed using 2-D thin layer chromatography. The results indicate that(More)
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