F. A. El-Mouadib

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Color image water marking is becoming increasingly important and finding application in diverse areas of discipline. Developing robust image water marking algorithm which is immune to noise, cropping and compression is a challenging task. Altering the size of the image or its orientation reduces the recoverability of the watermarked image. In this paper, we(More)
Relational database management systems are mostly used for effective representation and retrieval of data. For the user, it is hard to learn the database interface language to deal with various operations on databases. Hence there is a need to construct a bridge between natural language query and database understandable query which is a major challenge. In(More)
In _ Zytkow and Zembowicz (1993), a system for cluster analysis, based on two-way contingency tables, has been proposed. In its original form, the system is con ned to categorical and discrete multivariate data. The aim is to build a classi cation tree when, at each level of the tree, only binary splits are allowed. Within a one-level taxonomy formation, a(More)
Classification of objects involves formation of concepts/classes of objects or instances in order to construct one or more taxonomies that include those classes. One-level taxonomy elements can be constructed by relying only on approximate equivalence that is guided by a partition utility function. The one-level taxonomies are the basic building block of(More)
Recently, the discovery of association rules has been the focus topic in the research area of data mining. For many applications, it is difficult to find strong associations among data items at low or primitive levels of abstraction due to the sparsity of data in multidimensional space. Mining association rules at multiple levels may lead to more(More)
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