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A newborn infant was seen with severe and progressive arterial hypertension, congenital atresia of the abdominal aorta, and a renal venous renin activity ratio greater that 1:1.5 (1:3.1). Preoperative studies indicated that the renin-angiotensin axis was responsible for the production and maintenance of the severe hypertensive process. Right nephrectomy(More)
The major immunoglobulin classes were surveyed among 23 patients with carcinoma of the prostate, 14 patients with clinically manifest benign prostatic hyperplasia and 23 healthy, elderly men without evidence of prostatic disease to determine if differences in immunoglobulin levels existed. Levels of IgG,IgA and IgM were determined by single radial(More)
A case of a giant urethral diverticulum, developing as a complication of a free skin graft urethroplasty 2 years previously, is reported. The incidence of diverticulum formation in reported series of free skin graft urethroplasty is small. The degree of dilatation present in this case has not been reported in the recent literature and its management is(More)
Reproductive tissues from 10 recent male cadavers were examined. Herpesvirus type 2 was isolated from testes, seminal vesicle, or both in 4 cases. This is the first report of the isolation of herpesvirus type 2 from human seminal vesicular tissue. The data support previous evidence that herpesvirus type 2 can be isolated from the reproductive tissues of(More)
Semen from 30 healthy male subjects with recurrent infections with herpesvirus type 2 was obtained when subjects were free of lesions and surveyed by tissue culture for an infectious virus in an attempt to elucidate the transmission of this disease. Inclusion bodies compatible with herpesvirus were found in tissue cultures of semen from 2 participants but(More)