F A Comotti

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The Authors, after a view of the problems of immunology, regarding the most recent discoveries, deal with the conclusions about the immunological reactions in research and clinical oncology. Many specific antibodies, formed as a result of the tumor, have been discovered in the field of research. It is impossible to say the same about human tumors and the(More)
The relapses of the multinodular goitre, often linked with an insufficient surgical treatment of primitive lesions, make serious problems about the operating technique. The current guidance of surgeons is directed towards the complete thyroidectomy which profits, during the operating time, by the use of microscope to identify and to protect the recurrent(More)
Mesotheliomas are mesenchymal neoplasms which originate in the lining membrane of various serous cavities: pleural, pericardial and peritoneal. Peritoneal mesotheliomas are extremely rare. They are usually seen to middle to old age, predominate in men. We report a case and show the most recent concepts about histology, pathology, diagnosis and(More)
In the surgical treatment of recidivous varicocele, has been adopted in eight patients a personal technique that varies in some points from the Ivanissevich's one. Large dissection and resection of the spermatic vein in peritoneum back zone for 6-8 cm. length, prier ligature of all possible collaterals. In four cases has been applied the microsurgical(More)
In the present work the Authors have studied 19 patients with occult rectal prolapse evaluating symptoms and functional results after posterior abdominal rectopexy. Symptoms of internal rectal procidentia appear as a definite syndrome. In our patients pain upon defecation, this being often localized to the perineal and sacral region, was observed in 14 on(More)
This work shows the results obtained by the comparison between a period in which obstructive icterus was treated only surgically and a mixed period, based on endoscopic or endoscopic surgical treatment. In a period of 9 years (1979-87), 186 patients suffering from obstructive icterus were admitted into the 1st Division of General Surgery at Ospedale Maria(More)
In the present work we have studied two consecutive series of patients who underwent a posterior abdominal rectopexy according to Wells or Ripstein. During the year of follow up no recurrences were observed. Functional results, evaluated according to a protocol, by history of the patient and manovolumetry, shoved an improvement of fecal continence in more(More)
The aim of this study was to attempt to gain insight in to the pathophysiologic characteristics of rectal prolapse by evaluating rectal compliance in patients with complete or incomplete rectal prolapse, before and after rectopexy. 21 subjects with complete rectal prolapse and 10 subjects with internal procidentia of rectum were treated with one of two(More)