F. A. Baiocchi

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The microstructure and crystal structure of condensation-induced corrosion products, vapor phase induced oxidation products, Cu-Sn intermetallics, and Sn whiskers that formed on electroplated matte Sn on Cu-alloy after exposure 2500 h in a 60 degC/93%RH ambient were characterized with scanning electron microscopy, (SEM), focused ion beam (FIB) microscopy,(More)
The thermal stability of flip chip solder joints made with Al/Ni(V)/Cu-UBM and SAC-405 solder bumps on substrates with either electroless Ni(P)-immersion gold (ENIG) or Cu surface finish (Cu-SOP) was determined at 170C. On ENIG, the resistance changed by more than one order of magnitude after 400 hours of high temperature storage, whereas on Cu-SOP, no(More)
The reactive ion etching ofInP, InGaAs, and InAIAs in CClzF2/02 or C2R(/H2 discharges was investigated as a function of the plasma parameters pressure, power density, flow rate, and relative composition. The etch rates of these materials are a factor of 3-5 X faster in CC12F 2/0 2 (-600--1000 AminJ ) compared to CzHJH2 (160-320 AminI ). Significantly(More)
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