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Current evidence supports a clear association between clinical and pathologic factors and recurrence-free survival (RFS) in breast cancer patients. The Cox regression model is the most common tool for investigating simultaneously the influence of several factors on the survival time of patients. But it gives no estimate of the degree of separation of the(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the study is to assess the predictive power of DCE-MRI semi-quantitative parameters during treatment of breast cancer, for disease-free (DFS) and overall survival (OS). MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty-nine women (age range, 28-84 years; mean, 50.6 years) with breast cancer underwent dynamic contrast enhancement MRI at 1.0T imaging, using 2D(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study is to determine the cardioprotective efficacy of amifostine. The study consists of researching the relationship between plasma brain natriuretic peptide levels and the electrical and morphologic changes in irradiated rats with or without amifostine. METHODS AND MATERIALS Sixty Wistar albino rats were divided into 4 groups,(More)
BACKGROUND The study was conducted with the aim of reviewing the clinical features, therapy, and natural course of patients with extrapulmonary small-cell carcinoma (EPSCC) and small-cell lung carcinoma (SCLC) to better define current concepts regarding EPSCCs. METHODS The medical records of patients with proven diagnosis of small-cell carcinoma (SmCC)(More)
BACKGROUND We aimed to evaluate retrospectively the correlation of loco-regional relapse (LRR) rate, distant metastasis (DM) rate, disease free survival (DFS) and overall survival (OS) in a group of breast cancer (BC) patients who are at intermediate risk for LRR (T1-2 tumor and 1-3 positive axillary nodes) treated with or without postmastectomy(More)
Although the lung, liver, or bones are the most common location for distant metastases in breast cancer patients, metastases to the intestinal tract are very rarely recognized in the clinic. We will present an unusual case of colonic metastasis from a carcinoma of the breast that mimics a primary intestinal cancer, along with a through review of English(More)
AIM To evaluate the prognostic significance of HER-2/neu overexpression in hormone receptor and axillary lymph node positive breast cancer patients treated in a single institution. METHODS Paraffin-embedded primary breast cancers from 40 patients with invasive ductal carcinoma were studied immunohistochemically. HER-2/neu staining was classified as(More)
To identify the outcomes of prognostic factors of solitary plasmacytoma mainly treated with local radiotherapy (RT). The data were collected from 80 patients with solitary plasmacytoma (SP). Forty patients (50.0%) received radiotherapy (RT) alone while 38 of them (47.5%) were treated with surgery (S) and RT. The median radiation dose was 46 Gy (range(More)
AIMS To determine the pulmonary effects of locoregional irradiation on clinical and sub-clinical radiographic and functional end points in women with breast cancer, and whether the course of these end points is affected by laterality. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty patients (10 irradiated on the left side and 10 irradiated on the right side) were(More)