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The lactate minimum test (LACmin) has been considered an important indicator of endurance exercise capacity and a single session protocol can predict the maximal steady state lactate (MLSS). The objective of this study was to determine the best swimming protocol to induce hyperlactatemia in order to assure the LACmin in rats (Rattus norvegicus),(More)
The objective of the present work was to compare stress biomarkers (serum ACTH and corticosterone hormones) during known intensity swimming and treadmill running exercises performed by rats. Adult Wistar rats (n=41) weighing 320-400 g at the beginning and 420-500 g at the end of the experiment, previously adapted to exercise and with Maximal Lactate Steady(More)
The aim of this study was to describe a double-bout exercise test for non-exhaustive aerobic capacity determination in swimming rats. Adult rats were submitted to 4 swimming tests at different intensities (4%, 6%, 7%, and 8% of body mass), with intervals of 48 h between them. Two exercise bouts of equal intensity lasting 5 min were performed, separated by 2(More)
INTRODUCTION The rate of epilepsy in autism is higher than in other developmental disorders and estimates point to a frequency range of between 7% and 42%. Between 40% and 47% of autistic children suffer from clinical epilepsy. Onset of epilepsy may occur at any age. DEVELOPMENT During the ontogenesis of the nervous system, if the maturing process is(More)
Neutron peripheral contamination in patients undergoing high-energy photon radiotherapy is considered as a risk factor for secondary cancer induction. Organ-specific neutron-equivalent dose estimation is therefore essential for a reasonable assessment of these associated risks. This work aimed to develop a method to estimate neutron-equivalent doses in(More)
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