Fériel Ben Fraj

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In order to construct a generic grammatical resource for Arabic language, we have chosen to develop an Arabic grammar based on TAG formalism. Our choice is, especially, justified by complementarities that we have noticed between Arabic syntax and this grammatical formalism. This paper consists of two comparative studies. The first is between a set of(More)
Corpora present a basic informational source for varied NLP applications. Their construction becomes now days necessary. This paper presents a tool created to help syntactic tagging an Arabic Treebank. It is based on an already constructed grammar called ArabTAG which constitutes a representational method of Arabic grammatical rules using TAG formalism.(More)
In this paper, we present the redesign of an existing TAG for Arabic using a description language (so-called metagrammatical language). The use of such a language makes it easier for the linguist to share information among grammatical structures while ensuring a high degree of modular-ity within the target grammar. Additionally , this redesign benefits from(More)
Text parsing has always benefited from special attention since the first applications of natural language processing (NLP). The problem gets worse for the Arabic language because of its specific features that make it quite different and even more ambiguous than other natural languages when processed. In this paper, we discuss a new approach for chunking(More)