Félix Scholtes

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Macrophages (monocytes/microglia) could play a critical role in central nervous system repair. We have previously found a synchronism between the regression of spontaneous axonal regeneration and the deactivation of macrophages 3-4 wk after a compression-injury of rat spinal cord. To explore whether reactivation of endogenous macrophages might be beneficial(More)
OBJECTIVE The management of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) fistulae after anterior cranial base fracture remains a surgical challenge. We reviewed our results in the repair of CSF fistulae complicating multiple anterior cranial base fractures via a combined intracranial extradural and intradural approach and describe a treatment algorithm derived from this(More)
Intraventricular hemorrhage is common after the rupture of anterior communicating artery (ACoA) aneurysms, although the anatomical pathway has not been described. Knowledge of the mechanism of hemorrhage may enhance understanding of its prognosis. Using CT angiography, the authors analyzed this pathway in 2 cases of ACoA aneurysm rupture associated with(More)
Sixty-two patients with uncontrolled partial seizures participated in a 12-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled add-on-trial. Thirty-two patients received loreclezole and 30 a placebo as add-on therapy. Loreclezole was targeted at a plasma level of 1-2 mg/l. In spite of an antiepileptic therapy, usually with 2 or 3 antiepileptic drugs, these patients had(More)
The effect and safety of loreclezole were evaluated during a long-term follow-up trial targeting higher plasma concentrations than those of the preceding controlled trial. The result is better than in the double-blind trial, in which loreclezole doses were administered to reach plasma concentrations of 1-2 mg/l and 6/32 patients (19%) of the verum group(More)
OBJECTIVE We present a case of brachial plexus avulsion and reconstructive surgery with cerebrospinal fluid leak between the cervical subarachnoid space and the pleural cavity responsible for tonsillar herniation and syringomyelia. CLINICAL PRESENTATION A 17-year-old man presented with headaches when he was positioned upright, simultaneously with a(More)
The first goal of this study was to examine the influence that poly(ethylene oxide)-block-poly(D,L-lactide) (PELA) copolymer can have on the wettability, the in vitro controlled delivery capability, and the degradation of poly(D,L-lactide) (PDLLA) foams. These foams were prepared by freeze-drying and contain micropores (10 microm) in addition of macropores(More)
BACKGROUND Although the added value of increasing extent of glioblastoma resection is still debated, multiple technologies can assist neurosurgeons in attempting to achieve this goal. Intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI) might be helpful in this context, but to date only one randomized trial exists. METHODS We included 14 adults with a(More)
Dear Editor, We would like to bring to your readers' attention a poorly known dural branch from the anterior cerebral artery whose recognition may have implications for surgical procedures involving the anterior skull base. A 60-year-old female presented with progressive 6-month history of cognitive deficits leading to the diagnosis of a large ethmoidal(More)
Locomotor training on a treadmill is a therapeutic strategy used for several years in human paraplegics in whom it was shown to improve functional recovery mainly after incomplete spinal cord lesions. The precise mechanisms underlying its effects are not known. Experimental studies in adult animals were chiefly performed after complete spinal transections.(More)