Félix Rubio

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Oil and gas companies trust Reverse Time Migration (RTM), the most advanced seismic imaging technique, with crucial decisions on drilling investments. The economic value of the oil reserves that require RTM to be localized is in the order of 10<sup>13</sup> dollars. But RTM requires vast computational power, which somewhat hindered its practical success.(More)
Reverse-Time Migration (RTM) is a state-of-the-art technique in seismic acoustic imaging, because of the quality and integrity of the images it provides. Oil and gas companies trust RTM with crucial decisions on multi-million-dollar drilling investments. But RTM requires vastly more computational power than its predecessors, and this has somewhat hindered(More)
In this paper, we propose an estimator of the eigenspectrum of the array observation covariance matrix that builds upon the well-known power method and is consistent for an arbitrarily large array dimension. Traditional estimators based on the eigendecomposition of the sample covariance matrix are known to be consistent provided that the number of(More)
We consider an iterative ML channel estimator for MC-CDMA systems with code-multiplexed training. Its performance has been studied by using results from the asymptotics of Fourier matrices with dimensions growing without bound with a certain constant ratio between them. Our results are then more representative of real non-asymptotic situations because, as(More)
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