Félix Ortega

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We have investigated the pattern of glutamate-like immunoreactivity in the superficial layers of the rat superior colliculus by means of postembedding immunocytochemical methods for light and electron microscopy. At the light microscopic level, labelling was faintly to moderately intense in most perikarya of the stratum zonale, stratum griseum superficiale(More)
  • S. Bertolia, J. Fernández-Huertas Moraga, F. Ortega
  • 2012
We analyze an international migration episode for which we are able to gather individual-level data covering all relevant countries, namely the exodus of Ecuadorians to Spain and the US in the aftermath of the economic collapse of 1999. Specifically, we produce selection-corrected predictions of counter-factual individual earnings and use them to estimate a(More)
The characteristics and distribution pattern of retinal afferent terminals making synaptic contacts on narrow field vertical neurons in the stratum griseum superficiale of the rabbit superior colliculus were studied using the Golgi-gold substitution technique in combination with either autoradiographic or degenerative methods. At the level of light(More)
variables que pueden inducir a comportamientos agresivos. a b s t r a c t The studies attempting to establish the relationship directly between psycho-social variables and sporty type in violent behavior and aggressive adolescents are varied and frequent, but few include the relationship with reside outside the family context. The aim in this study is(More)
The following text presents the results of a content analysis study focusing on the image of immigration in Spanish prime-time television fiction with Cultivation theory as a reference. Two representative samples were recorded in 2011, out of the six main national channels. The analysis derived from the analysis of these fiction programs (series and films)(More)
The Na(+)/H(+) exchanger has been the only unequivocally demonstrated H(+)-transport mechanism in the synaptosomal preparation. We had previously suggested that a Cl(-)-H(+) symporter (in its acidifying mode) is involved in cytosolic pH regulation in the synaptosomal preparation. Supporting this suggestion, we now show that: (1) when synaptosomes are(More)
A highly specific anti-glutamate monoclonal antibody, mAb2D7, was used together with light and electron microscopy to elucidate the role played by the amino acid glutamate in the projection from the olfactory bulb to the piriform cortex in the rat. By light microscopy, glutamate-like immunoreactivity was observed in neuronal cell bodies and in the neuropil(More)
Anti-homocysteate antibodies with postembedding immunohistochemistry for light microscopy were used to localize homocysteate-like immunoreactivity in human multiform glioblastoma. The most remarkable stained elements (6.8% of the total tumoral tissue) corresponded to distinct astrocytic cell bodies, intermingled fibrous processes and puncta of diverse size,(More)
The climbing fibre system, one of the two main excitatory inputs to the cerebellar cortex, is anatomically and physiologically well characterized, while the nature of its neurotransmitter is still a matter of debate. We wished to determine whether glutamate-immunoreactive profiles with the morphological characteristics of climbing fibres could be found in(More)
To study the distribution of L-homocysteate in the rat retina, specific polyclonal and monoclonal anti-homocysteate antibodies have been used in combination with a highly sensitive postembedding method for light microscopic immunocytochemistry. In central and peripheral retina, the most strongly immunoreactive cell bodies lay in the inner nuclear layer.(More)
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