Félix M. Medina

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The domestic cat has been introduced on most islands worldwide, where it has established feral populations and is currently known to be one of the worst invasive mammalian predators. Predation is the strongest deleterious effect of cats on wildlife, inducing a direct negative impact on population size and dynamics, breeding success and changes in species(More)
Unfortunately, the fourth sentence in the abstract has been published incorrectly. This sentence is related to the last paragraph of the article main text, which fortunately is correct. Cats have not been introduced: ''on at least 179,000 islands worldwide'' (as is in the Abstract). As it is indicated in the last paragraph of the main article: ''cats have(More)
Vertebrates often mediate seed dispersal systems, essential for the maintenance of biodiversity. Some of these acquire a complex multistep process in island environments, where for example a native predatory bird can predate upon a frugivorous vertebrate, dispersing seeds secondarily. These complex mutualistic processes are really threatened by biological(More)
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