Félix Gonçalves de Siqueira

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Holocellulose structures from agro-industrial residues rely on main and side chain attacking enzymes with different specificities for complete hydrolysis. Combinations of crude enzymatic extracts(More)
This study presents data on the production, purification, and properties of a thermostable β-xylanase produced by an Aspergillus awamori 2B.361 U2/1 submerged culture using wheat bran as carbon(More)
Cottonseed cake biomass, which is a residue of oil extraction, is potentially appropriate for use as animal feed, given the high mineral, fibre and protein content. The presence of free gossypol,(More)
Aspergillus niger van Tieghem LPM 93 was shown in an earlier study to produce the most thermostable β-xylanase, which was effective for improving brightness and delignification of non-delignified and(More)
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