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A case of pulmonary valve endocarditis caused by Staphylococcus aureus during puerperal sepsis in a female patient is reported. The M-mode and two dimensional echocardiographic finding are described. A review of the literature shows that this entity is rare. A large vegetation in the leaflet of the pulmonary valve was excised and the patient recovered after(More)
A 60-year-old man with a painful pulsatile mass approximately 8 cm in diameter in the right buttock was diagnosed using angiography as having a complete unilateral persistent sciatic artery aneurysm. The lesion was obliterated by proximal and distal ligation of the sciatic artery at the pelvis and the adductor magnus canal. A femoropopliteal bypass was(More)
The findings in two elliptocytic families are recorded and compared. It is the first report of the anomaly in the Maltese population.A variable degree of clinical and haematological expression among the members of the two families has been observed, ranging from healthy individuals with normal cell morphology to others with only elliptocytic erythrocytes(More)
To assess the incidence of severe bradyarrhythmia and pacing requirements after orthotopic heart transplantation, as well as the possible causal mechanisms, we have reviewed our experience on 52 consecutive transplant patients. The overall incidence of bradyarrhythmia requiring pacing for at least 24 hours after transplantation was 27% (14 patients). The(More)
We have reviewed four cases of incomplete vascular rings caused by the presence of a common carotid trunk from which arose both carotid arteries associated with an aberrant right subclavian artery. The patients were aged between 3 and 9 months. All patients presented with recurrent respiratory tract infections. Three patients showed signs of malnutrition(More)
The case of a patient undergoing an emergency aortocoronary bypass to the right coronary artery after its acute dissection at coronariography is presented. Surgery was carried out two hours after the incident. After successful recovery and postoperative study, it was concluded that the main technical problem posed by this operation which was whether or not(More)
In the light of the current controversy surrounding the use of hemorheologic and vasodilator drugs in the treatment of peripheral arteriosclerosis, a comparative study was designed in order to evaluate the efficacy of pentoxifylline, buflomedil, and nifedipine in 45 patients with peripheral arterial disease (Fontaine stage II). The patients in this(More)
It has frequently been suggested that early mitral commissurotomy could improve long-term results in patients with severe mitral stenosis. However, the real advantages of this procedure have yet to be demonstrated. To evaluate this hypothesis, we retrospectively studied 397 patients who underwent operation for mitral stenosis in our unit between 1978 and(More)
UNLABELLED Two years ago we had, for technical reason to resuscitate right thoracotomy (RT) to approach the mitral valve. Since then we have used it in 23 patients. 18 of them had had at least one operation through a medium sternotomy. In 5 cases the right approach was electively used, as first choice to repair or replace the mitral valve. Intracardiac(More)