Félix C. García López

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Macrophages are professional phagocytic cells that orchestrate innate immune responses and have considerable phenotypic diversity at different anatomical locations. However, the mechanisms that control the heterogeneity of tissue macrophages are not well characterized. Here we found that the nuclear receptor LXRα was essential for the differentiation of(More)
The aim of this paper is to develop a hybrid metaheuristic based on Variable Neighbourhood Search and Tabu Search for solving the Feature Subset Selection Problem in classification. Given a set of instances characterized by several features, the classification problem consists of assigning a class to each instance. Feature Subset Selection Problem selects a(More)
The feature selection problem in the field of classification consists of obtaining a subset of variables to optimally realize the task without taking into account the remainder variables. This work presents how the search for this subset is performed using the Scatter Search metaheuristic and is compared with two traditional strategies in the literature:(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the moderating effect of having vs. not having a and quality of life. In-person interviews were conducted with 55 male and 64 female inmates from the Topas Penitentiary (Spain). Higher levels of social loneliness and lower levels of sexual satisfaction were associated with lower levels of quality of life. In(More)
It is usually difficult for OpenMP programmers to use programming design techniques based on exhaustive search like backtracking, branch and bound, and dynamic programming. Thus, in order to solve this problem properly, this paper suggests an extension to the OpenMP model consisting of a new and efficient synchronization model (Monitor model). Also, a(More)
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