Félix Buendía

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The EU4ALL project (IST-FP6-034778) has developed a general framework to address the needs of accessible lifelong learning at Higher Education level consisting of several standards-based interoperable components integrated into an open web service architecture aimed at supporting adapted interaction to guarantee students' accessibility needs. Its(More)
BACKGROUND The Spanish Palliative Care Strategy recommends an intermediate level of training for primary care physicians in order to provide them with knowledge and skills. Most of the training involves face-to-face courses but increasing pressures on physicians have resulted in fewer opportunities for provision of and attendance to this type of training.(More)
—Operating systems is a fundamental topic underlying many modern disciplines, including computing, telematics, and control engineering. Moreover, operating systems is one of the core courses considered under the most important curricula recommendations. The learning process in this area involves both a theoretical and a practical part that students have to(More)
Nowadays, many universities have adopted Virtual Learning Environments for delivering and distributing educational resources. In the context of Computer Science (CS) courses, the use of these environments addresses several issues ranging from the application of instructional strategies to the selection of the most adequate learning platform. In this work,(More)
Nowadays, the e-learning industry is focused on producing and managing digital learning contents. There are several examples of learning objects, content packages or metadata proposed by different organizations such as IMS, IEEE or ADL. However, little attention has been paid to the specification and management of instructional processes, teaching(More)
The era of communication technology has now a great impact in our daily lives. Learning approaches are now evolving from traditional slide-based lectures into much more dynamic ones, where technology plays a key role in order to improve the students' academic performance and engagement. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to develop interactive(More)