Félix Bosch

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On the centenary of Paul Ehrlich's Nobel Prize, this German researcher deserves to be remembered as a pioneer in a large number of scientific disciplines. As a result of his enthusiasm and scientific abilities, dedication, and contacts with other scientists of his time, he was able to make countless contributions in fields as diverse as histology,(More)
Several epidemiological studies have shown that pain is a very common complaint in patients who seek medical care. However, the characteristics of how pain is treated in the general population have been studied less. The present survey was conducted to describe and analyze how the general population of Catalonia (Spain) approaches the treatment of their(More)
AIM To present the experience of running workshops for members of research ethics committees (REC) in Spain from 2001-2008 by a non-profit institution. METHODS We analyzed data from 7 sessions of the course, involving 165 health professionals. Data were taken from an opinion survey conducted at the end of each seminar and a deferred questionnaire sent(More)
The usefulness of movies to illustrate the psychological and sociological conflicts of medical practice is widely recognized. However, the use of popular movies to teach less oriented medical sciences, such as pharmacology is not so common. In the present review, we report the use of three films (Awakenings, Lorenzo's Oil, and Miss Evers' Boys) as a(More)
All attendants of the meeting agreed that there were many sources of COI in the general process of scientific communication (Figure 1). The meeting was mainly focused on non-financial COI. Three introductory presentations highlighted some of the topics related to COI in the contemporary scientific publishing enterprise. Dr Virginia Barbour, editor of PLoS(More)
Twenty-seven species of the genus Onchocerca (Nematoda; Filarioidea) can cause a vector-borne parasitic disease called onchocercosis. Most Onchocerca species infect wild and domestic ungulates or the dog, and one species causes river blindness in humans mainly in tropical Africa. The European red deer (Cervus e. elaphus) is host to four species, which are(More)