Félix Alexandre Antunes Soares

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Guanosine (GUO) has been shown to stimulate glutamate uptake in primary astrocyte cultures. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect and specificity of guanine- or adenine-based purines(More)
Caffeine is a widely used psychoactive substance. Studies have shown that caffeine may play a protective role in aging-associated disorders. However, the mechanisms by which caffeine modulates aging(More)
Compounds from the nanotechnology industry, such as carbon-based nanomaterials, are strong candidates to contaminate aquatic environments because their production and disposal have exponentially(More)
INTRODUCTION Cellular antioxidant signaling can be altered either by thyroid disturbances or by selenium status. AIMS To investigate whether or not dietary diphenyl diselenide can modify the(More)
The pathology of a gastric ulcer is complex and multifactorial. Gastric ulcers affect many people around the world and its development is a result of the imbalance between aggressive and protective(More)
Selenium contamination in the aquatic environment can produce severe toxic effects to fish. The mammalian sulfhydryl-containing enzyme, delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase (delta-ALA-D), is inhibited(More)
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