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Duas gramineas forrageiras de inverno, azevem (Lolium multiflorum) e aveia preta (Avena strigosa Schreb), foram cultivadas em sistemas alagados construidos (SACs) utilizados no tratamento das aguas(More)
An evaluation was performed of three upflow anaerobic fixed bed reactors for the treatment of wastewater from coffee bean processing (WCP). The supports used were: blast furnace cinders, polyurethane(More)
Six treatment systems composed of three anaerobic filters with downflow followed by six constructed wetlands (SACs) have been operationally evaluated in the treatment of wastewater from coffee fruit(More)
Six treatment systems, composed of three downflow anaerobic filters followed by six Constructed Wetlands (SACs), had their operating conditions evaluated when used in the treatment of wastewater from(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the influence of nutrient loading and species cultivated in removing K, Na, Cu and Zn from swine wastewater treated in constructed wetlands (SACs). The experiment(More)