Fátima Pardo-Avila

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The dynamics of the RNA polymerase II (Pol II) backtracking process is poorly understood. We built a Markov State Model from extensive molecular dynamics simulations to identify metastable intermediate states and the dynamics of backtracking at atomistic detail. Our results reveal that Pol II backtracking occurs in a stepwise mode where two intermediate(More)
RNA polymerase II (Pol II) is an essential enzyme that catalyzes transcription with high efficiency and fidelity in eukaryotic cells. During transcription elongation, Pol II catalyzes the nucleotide addition cycle (NAC) to synthesize mRNA using DNA as the template. The transitions between the states of the NAC require conformational changes of both the(More)
Enzymes are biological macromolecules that catalyze complex reactions in life. In order to perform their functions effectively and efficiently, enzymes undergo conformational changes between different functional states. Therefore, elucidating the dynamics between these states is essential to understand the molecular mechanisms of enzymes. Although(More)
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