Fátima Mrué

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BACKGROUND The number of malignancies increased alarmingly. Surgery constitutes one of the most efficient therapeutic modalities for the treatment of solid tumors. The neoplastic implant in surgical(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the morphological aspects of the behavior of 4 types of latex biomembranes implanted in preperitoneal videolaparoscopic inguinoplasty. METHODS Sixteen inguinoplasties were(More)
Sepsis induces a severe systemic inflammatory response that may result in multiple organ dysfunction and death. Studies using a protein derived from natural Hevea brasiliensis (rubber tree) latex,(More)
BACKGROUND The use of plants of the family Euphorbiaceae, particularly Euphorbia tirucalli (avelós) has been popularly widespread for treating a variety of diseases of infectious, tumoral, and(More)