Fátima Hipólito

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This paper reports on income generation practices among civil servants in the health sector, with a particular emphasis on dual practice. It first approaches the subject of public–private overlap. Thereafter it focuses on coping strategies in general and then on dual practice in particular. To compensate for unrealistically low salaries, health workers rely(More)
This paper reports on multiple employment among Portuguese health sector workers, using data obtained from six studies. The methodological aspects of these studies are briefly summarized. The prevalence among the study populations varies between 5 and 80%. When the first job is in the public sector, the site of additional employment is most frequently(More)
In Portugal, the design and the implementation of models of primary care teams has a history of 30 years. The evolution observed is from individual medical work, in Health Centres, supported on an ad hoc basis by other health professionals, to health centres integrating a diversity of formal working groups, including primary care/family health teams called(More)
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