Fátima Campos-Buzzi

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Marrubiin, a furane labdane diterpene, is the main analgesic compound present in Marrubium vulgare, a medicinal plant used in Brazil and other countries to treat several ailments. Considering its important pharmacological action, as well as its high yield, some structural modifications were performed in order to obtain more active compounds. Success was(More)
PURPOSE A series of delta-valerolactones has been synthesized in good yields, by reaction of ethyl acetoacetate with several aldehydes in presence of LDA. METHODS AND RESULTS The in vivo analgesic activity of these compounds has been evaluated. The results indicate that the lactones synthesized showed an important antinociceptive effect at 10 mg/kg,(More)
Cyclic imides such as succinimides, maleimides, glutarimides, phthalimides and their derivatives contain an imide ring and a general structure -CO-N(R)-CO- that confers hydrophobicity and neutral characteristic. A diversity of biological activities and pharmaceutical uses have been attributed to them, such as antibacterial, antifungal, antinociceptive,(More)
The present study evaluated the antinociceptive properties of an alkaloid extract and 2-phenylquinoline obtained from the bark of Galipea longiflora Krause (Rutaceae) against different models of pain in mice. The results demonstrate that the alkaloid extract caused a pronounced antinociceptive effect with the main alkaloid detected, 2-phenylquinoline,(More)
Chalcones constitute one of the major classes of natural products belonging to the flavonoid family, and they have been reported as having a range of important therapeutic activities, including some chalcones are effective as antimicrobial agents. Currently, the search for new structures with antimicrobial activity has been intensified due to the emergence(More)
Maleimides consist of an important class of compounds easily synthesized with multiple functional group modification that provides expressive pharmacological properties including, antitumoral activity, mediated mainly by oxidative stress. For this reason, the present study was designed to evaluate the cytotoxicity and the role of reactive oxygen species(More)
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